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Enjoy Hot Sake with Kandouko Sake Warmer

The kandouko uses charcoal fire to warm up sake. It is made of copper or brass, and has long been used in Japan since early Edo period (early 17'th century). Nowadays, however, only a few kandouko fans are using these devices. They buy these devices, which are sold as antiquities, and are enjoying hot sake with these devices.


The kandouko warms up sake in the double-boiling method, which warms sake evenly and makes the sake flavor mild. It heats water in its tank that is hot enough to warm up sake quickly, so you do not need to leave the table to prepare another helping when you empty one flask of warmed sake.

Another good point of the kankouko is that, while drinking warmed sake, you can cook some foods or keep foods in a pot, etc. hot by placing them on the brazier of the kandouko.

Overnight guests of SHOGETSUDO can use the kandouko. However, SHOGETSUDO does not prepare any foods or sake, so please prepare your sake and some foods (if you want to cook any). Also, for safety, please refrain from using the device in your room. Enjoy the kandouko in the hall on the ground floor.

Rental Fee:
            500 yen for 3 hours (with charcoal)



The kandouko is our irreplaceable antiquity. Please treat it with special care.

Especially, refrain from putting anything except charcoal in the brazier (cigarette butts, waste paper, etc.) Doing so may damage the device.

The body of the kandouko tends to become VERY HOT from the charcoal heat. Be careful of burn injury.

​Foods recommended for the kandouko

The following are examples of foods that are recommended to be cooked with the kandouko.

Canned foods -- Open the can of your favorite canned food, and place the can on the brazier of the kandouko to heat it. Food packed in a shallow can is recommended, but food in a deep can is not recommended because the soup may gushes out when it is boiled.

Dried fishes -- Small dried fishes such as mezashi (dried sardines) make nice snacks to nibble when you drink warmed sake. 


Shrimps, shellfishes, etc. -- Small ones are recommended, but too large ones are not recommended because it takes a long time to completely cook them due to small fire power of the kandouko.


Shiitake mushrooms -- Remove the stems from caps. Place the caps upside down on the grill placed over the brazier. When they are cooked and juice oozes out from the gills, put several drops of soy sauce on the back sides of the caps. Now, the mushrooms taste nice with thickened flavor.


Yakitoris -- Reheat cooked yakitoris and eat them hot. However, note that it is not recommended to cook raw meat or fish on the kandouko since it takes a long time to completely be cooked.

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