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Yoga Experience Course

Yoga Under a Starry Sky and Tea Time Course
★"Starry Sky Yoga" practiced in the evening has an effect of recovery from mental and physical fatigue. You can experience our original program based on yoga therapy, a popular health management method, which is effective for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, stress release, improvement of sleep quality, etc. If it is clear in the evening, you can practice yoga under a stadium of stars.

Morning Yoga and Breakfast Course

★A yoga course held in the morning. This is "refreshing yoga," which gradually awakens your mind and body, .and gets your head clear. The practice improves the overall blood flow, and you can start the day comfortably.

★After the yoga practice, enjoy your breakfast on the rooftop deck.

Instructor: KIMIYO

・Yoga instructor authorized by Indian Central Government

・Yoga therapist certified by Japan Yogatherapy Society

・Forest therapist/Star sommelier

★For details, please contact SHOGETSUDO.

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